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Expenses are student’s responsibility

  •  State Exam Fees
  • Rental Kit Deposit
  • State Exam Traveling Expenses (the exam requires that you bring a live model)
  • License Fee

Satisfactory Academic Policy

Satisfactory progress in attendance and academics is a requirement for all students enrolled in Star College of Cosmetology.

NOTE: Students receiving funds under any Title IV financial aid program must maintain satisfactory progress in order to continue eligibility for such funds.

In order to be making satisfactory progress toward a degree or certificate, students must maintain a 75% grade average and proceed through the program at a pace leading to completion in a specified time frame.

Required Grade Averages

The following factors will be measured equally to determine satisfactory academic progress:
90-100   A: Excellent
80-89   B: Good
75-79   C: Satisfactory
0-74   F: Unsatisfactory

NOTE: The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations mandates that the required minimum practices must be completed by the student before the school can certify that the student may make application for state examination. The state exam requires a minimum score of 70% on each of the written and practical testing.

Students must maintain a quantitative C grade average for successful completion of the program. Students meeting minimum requirements at report are considered to be making satisfactory progress. Students failing to meet minimum requirements will be placed on probation for the following reporting period for the opportunity to meet satisfactory requirements.