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IMG_0019Instructor Course; 750 Clock Hours

The Star College Instructor Course is a study of the basic principles of teaching methods and techniques. The course provides instructions in the components of professional teaching attitudes and ethics as well as developing curriculum, classroom organization, practical demonstration skill, audio and visual aid techniques, and teaching theories and practices. Graduating students will pass both Texas State Examinations (written and practical) for all courses. Instructor training is governed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations.

Instructor classes; contact the school for starting dates.

Employment Opportunities

Licensed Instructor provides an individual with any/or a combination of the before mentioned cosmetologist employment opportunities. In addition, the licensed Instructor may be employed as:

1. Teacher of Cosmetology
2. School Manager
3. Manufacturers Trainer
4. State Examiner
5. Educational Director
6. Educational Consultant
7. State Inspector

Course Format

The course is a combination of lecture, demonstration, and student participation. The first semester (250 clock hours) is dedicated to orientation, theory and teacher training. The second semester (251-500 clock hours) is dedicated to the organization of lesson plans, presentation exercises, theory and student critiquing and evaluations. The final semester (501-750 clock hours) provides the student teacher with clinic floor management, state rules and regulation procedures, teacher-client and teacher-student relationships, communication, and the development of practical teaching techniques.