520 Front Street, Tyler, Texas 75702 | Admissions: 903.596.7860

Cosmetology and Manicure Courses

  • Shirts (School Logo Only) provided by the school, logo may not be covered unless wearing a lab coat or jacket with the Star Logo. These may be purchased from the school. Aprons are acceptable. Shoes must be professional, low heeled, (heel may not be over 2″ high), closed toed with soft sole. Tennis shoes are acceptable. No slippers/house shoes or hard soled shoes will be allowed.
  • Female: Solid black scrub pants or black knee length skirt. Must wear a visible form of make-up, have hair styled, and nails manicured.
  • Male: Solid black scrub pants. Facial hair must be clean shaven or well groomed, hair styled & nails manicured.
  • Optional Lab Coats: Must have school logo and may be purchased for $25.00

Facials/Estheticians Course

Male & Female: All Black Scrubs (Full length pants); all white tennis shoes with white socks or hosiery

Instructor Course

Business Casual: No clothing or apparel listed in Prohibited attire below.

Prohibited Attire:
Miniskirts, tights, stirrup or knit pants, jeans, sweats or latex pants